Stonewall County Courthouse
Aspermont, Texas
 Completed - 1984
Architect - Mills-Davis
Photos: Robert Deering 7/18/2001


COUNTY NAMED FOR: Confederate general Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson.

COUNTY SEATS: Two - Rayner and Aspermont

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: Aspermont is a Latin name for "rough mountain."

COURTHOUSES: Five -1889 and 1891 in Rayner; 1900, 1911, and 1983 in Aspermont.


  • 1891 courthouse in the former town site of Rayner is built of stone. The building sits on private property and has been used as a residence, but it is now boarded up and appears to be abandonded. NOTE: This building is similar to the Throckmorton County Courthouse in Throckmorton, also by Martin, Byrne, & Johnston.
  • 1984 Modern courthouse in Aspermont is built of brick.
1891 Courthouse in Rayner
1911 Courthouse in Aspermont


Aspermont, Texas
Photo: Robert Deering 4/5/2005

First Baptist Church of Aspermont


Stonewall County Courthouse
Rayner, Texas

 Completed - 1891
Architect -  Martin, Byrne, & Johnston
Photos: Robert Deering 4/5/2005