Zapata County Courthouse
Zapata, Texas
 Completed - 2005
Architect - Morgan Spear Associates, Inc
Photos: Robert Deering 9/3/2005


COUNTY NAMED FOR: Antonio Zapata, a local rancher and military man.

COUNTY SEATS: One - Zapata. The name of the town was changed from Carrizo to Bellville in 1858. In 1898 the name was permanently changed to Zapata. The townsite was relocated to higher ground upon the completion of Falcon Dam in 1953.

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: Same as the county.

COURTHOUSES: Three - 1874, 1901, 1953, and 2006


  • The 1901 courthouse is still standing at the bottom of Falcon Reservoir.
  • 2005 Modern courthouse built of brick. The 1953 building was razed to make room for the new courthouse.

LOCATION:  200 E 7th Avenue, Zapata, Texas

1901 Courthouse
Photo: Texas DoT 1939
1953 Courthouse
Photo: Texas Historical Commission