Palo Pinto County Courthouse
Palo Pinto, Texas
 Completed - 1940
Architect - Preston M. Geren
Photos: Robert Deering 6/11/2013


COUNTY NAMED FOR: The name Palo Pinto is derived from the spotted oak. Palo is Spanish for trunk or post and pinto means spotted.

COUNTY SEATS: One - Palo Pinto, which was named Golconda until 1858.

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: Same as county.

COURTHOUSES: Three - 1857, 1882, and 1940.

STANDING: One - 1940 Texas Renaissance building with Classical elements. This courthouse was built of sandstone that was recycled from the 1882 structure.

1882 Courthouse
1940 Courthouse
Photo: Robert Deering 1974
1940 Courthouse
Photo: Robert Deering 2001


Courthouse Square
Photo: 11/5/2016


Palo Pinto, Texas
Photos: Robert Deering 6/11/2013

Palo Pinto Business District
Photo: 6/11/2013
A Portion of the Old Jail Museum Complex
Former Palo Pinto County Jail - Completed 1880
First Baptist Church of Palo Pinto - Completed 1952
First Methodist Church of Palo Pinto - Completed 1936