Kent County Courthouse
Jayton, Texas
 Completed - 1956
Architect - Wyatt Hedrick
Photos: Robert Deering 4/5/2005


COUNTY NAMED FOR: Andrew Kent who died at the Alamo.

COUNTY SEATS: Two - Clairemont and Jayton.

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: The name honors the Jay family, early ranchers in the area.

COURTHOUSES: Two - 1893 in Clairemont and 1956 in Jayton.


  • 1893 Italiante courthouse in Clairmont built of sandstone.  The structure originally had two floors but was damaged by a fire in 1955. It now serves as a community building.
  • 1956 Modern courthouse in Jayton built of concrete, stone, and steel.
1893 Courthouse in Clairemont


Kent County Courthouse
Clairemont, Texas

 Completed - 1893
Architect -
Photos: Robert Deering 4/5/2005

1893 Courthouse Before Modifications