Kendall County Courthouse
Boerne, Texas
 Completed - 1998
Architect - Rehler, Vaughn & Koone, Inc.
Photo: Robert Deering 9/15/2003


COUNTY NAMED FOR: George Wilkins Kendall, a journalist and pioneer Texas sheepman.

COUNTY SEATS: One - Boerne.

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: Ludwig Boerne, a German author and publicist.

COURTHOUSES: Two - 1870 and 1998.


  • 1870 Italiante courthouse built of limestone (Architects  Philip Zoeller and S. F. Stendeback). The second floor was added in 1886 by arcitect Charles Buckel, and the facade was redesigned and expanded by Alfred Giles in 1909.
  • The 1998 structure was built accross the street from the first courthouse and is designed to compliment the 1909 addition.
1870 Courthouse with 1909 Addition



Kendall County Courthouse
Boerne, Texas

 Completed - 1870 with 1886 & 1909 Additions
Architects - Zoeller and Stendeback; Charles Buckel; Alfred Giles
Photos: Robert Deering 4/22/2008

RENOVATION: The 1870 building with the 1886 & 1909 additions is complete - Rededication  April 10, 2010


1870 Courthouse
With 1884 Jail in the Background

1909 Addition to the 1870 Courthouse

1884 Kendall County Jail


Boerne, Texas

First Baptist Church of Boerne
Photo: Robert Deering 9/15/2003
Historic Menger - Kingsbury - Shumard House in Boerne
Now Visitor Information Center in the Wal-Mart Parking Lot
Dr. Kingbury was my Great-Grandmother's Brother
Photo: Robert Deering 4/22/2008