Floyd County Courthouse
Floydada, Texas
 Completed - 1950
Architect - Marvin Stiles
Photos: Robert Deering 4/4/2005


COUNTY NAMED FOR: Alamo martyr Dolphin Ward Floyd

COUNTY SEATS: One - Floyd City, renamed Floydada in 1892 to prevent confusion with Floyd in Hunt County. Some claim the new name was meant to be Floydalia and was garbled in transmission to Washington; others say it was a combination of the county name and that of town site land donor James Price's mother, Ada; still another version is that it was named for Caroline Price's parents, Floyd and Ada.

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: Same as the county.

COURTHOUSES: Three - 1892, 1911, and 1950

STANDING: One - 1950 Modern courthouse built of masonary and steel.


1911 Courthouse
Photo: Texas DoT 1940