Clay County Courthouse
Henrietta, Texas
 Completed - 1884
Architect - Wilson & Tozer
Photos: Robert Deering 4/14/2003

COUNTY ORGANIZED: The county was organized in 1861, but it was largely abandoned the following year because of the removal of federal troops during the Civil War. With the establishment of Fort Sill in Indian Territory after the Civil War, settlers began to return to Clay County and the county was reorganized in 1873.

COUNTY NAMED FOR: Kentucky statesman Henry Clay

COUNTY SEATS: Two - Cambridge and Henrietta

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR:  There are several theories of the name's origin, but the real explanation remains a mystery. One hypotheses is that Henrietta is a feminized version of Henry, since the county is named for Henry Clay. Another popular but unlikely explanation is that it was named for Clay's wife, Lucretia.


STANDING: 1884 Italianate brick and sandstone structure. The courthouse has been altered by the removal of a prominent clock tower and the addition of a dome.

1884 Courthouse
Before Modifications
Photo: Texas Historical Commission

1884 Courthouse
Photo: Texas DoT 1939

1884 Courthouse
Photo: Robert Deering 1974