Brooks County Courthouse
Falfurrias, Texas
 Completed - 1914
Architect - Alfred Giles
Photos: Robert Deering 6/27/2015


COUNTY NAMED FOR: John Brooks, settler who supported the formation of the county. Upon organization of the county Brooks was elected county judge.

COUNTY SEATS: One - Falfurrias

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR:  The name Falfurrias derivation is uncertain. Some claim that it was a Lipan Indian word meaning "the land of heart's delight"; others believed it was the Spanish name for a native desert flower known as the heart's delight. Less romantic is the theory that Falfurrias is a misspelling of one or another Spanish or French word. The word filfarrias, for example, Mexican slang for a filthy, untidy person, was long associated with an old shepherd in the region whom the locals referred to as Don Filfarrias. According to local tradition the shepherd's land came to be known as La Mota de Don Filfarrias (la mota meaning "a grove of trees"), which eventually evolved into La Mota de Don Falfurrias and was finally shortened to Falfurrias.

COURTHOUSES: One - Completed in 1914

STANDING: One - 1914 Classic Revival building made of brick.

RENOVATION: Complete - Rededication February 26, 2010

LOCATION:  100 E Miller Street, Falfurrias, Texas 78355

1914 Courthouse
Robert Deering 1974