Johnston County Courthouse
Tishomingo, Oklahoma
 Completed - 1992
Architect -
Photos: Robert Deering 6/17/2013

1910 Courthouse
Now Chickasaw Nation Capitol


Douglas H. Johnston, Governor of the Chickasaw Nation.

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: Chief Tishomingo.

COURTHOUSES: 1898 and 1992

 1898 and 1992 buildings.  The 1898 structure was origianlly built as the Capitol of the Chickasaw Nation.  It was sold to Johnston County to serve at the county courthouse in 1910.  Upon completion of the 1992 courthouse the 1892 building was sold back to the Chickasaw Nation and is once again serving as the Capitol. 

ADDRESS: 403 W. Main Street, Tishomingo, Oklahoma



1898 Chickasaw Nation Capitol
Johnston County Courthouse 1910 - 1992

 Completed - 1898
Architect -
Photos: Robert Deering 6/17/2013

ADDRESS:  500 W. 9th Street, Tishomingo, Oklahoma




Tishomingo, Oklahoma
Photos: Robert Deering 6/17/2013

Johnston County Museum

First Baptist Church of Tishomingo

Tishomingo Business District