Clark County Courthouse
Arkadelphia, Arkansas
 Completed - 1899
Architect - Charles Thompson
Photo: Robert Deering 6/17/2014

1899 Courthouse


William Clark who at the time was Governor of the Missouri Territory, which included present-day Arkansas.

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: One possibility is that the name Arkadelphia was formed by combining Ark- from the state's name Arkansas and adelphia from the Greek meaning brother/place.  Another possibility is that the city was named after Arkadelphia, Alabama, a small community just north of Birmingham. Many early settlers of the area arrived from that state, and it was a common practice at the time to name newly founded communities after ones that the settlers had left behind.

 1899 Courthouse made of brick. 

LOCATION:  401 Clay St, Arkadelphia, AR 71923



Arkadelphia, Arkansas
Photos: Robert Deering 6/17/2014

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