Carroll County Courthouse
Eastern District
Berryville, Arkansas
Former Eastern District Courthouse in Berryville
 Completed - 1880
Architect - R. H. Jones
Photos: Robert Deering 7/7/2002

1880 Courthouse in Berryville

Western District Courthouse
In Eureka Springs


Charles Carroll of Carrollton, who had died in 1832 and was the last survivor of those who had signed the United States Declaration of Independence.


  • Berryville - Berryville was founded by local settler Blackburn Henderson Berry in 1850; his nephew James Henderson Berry would become the fourteenth Governor of Arkansas in 1883.
  • Eureka Springs - For the local springs in the area that Native Americans and settlers alike believed had healing powers. 

COUNTY SEATS: The county has the unusual distinction of two county seats (Eureka Springs and Berryville) due to the seasonal swelling of the Kings River, which divides the county in a nearly vertical line. Historically, this made the river non-navigable and severed the county in two. Modern bridges solved this problem long ago, but the twin county seat solution has persisted until today.


  • Berryville - 1880 brick courthouse now serves as a museum.  The current county courthouse is locted in a former Electric Coop building that was remodeled in 1975.  
  • Eureka Springs - 1908 courthouse built with stone.  The building is shared with the City of Eureka Springs.


Carroll County Courthouse
Western District
Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Completed - 1908
Architect - W. O. Perkins & Sons
Photos: Robert Deering 7/7/2002


1908 Courthouse
Undated Photo