Alenia Aermacchi

MC.200 Saetta


Aermacchi was an Italian aircraft manufacturer. Formerly known as Aeronautica Macchi, the company was founded in 1912 by Giulio Macchi at Varese in north-western Lombardy as Nieuport-Macchi, to build Nieuport monoplanes under licence for the Italian military. With a factory located on the shores of Lake Varese, the firm originally manufactured a series of Nieuport designs, as well as seaplanes.

After World War II, the company began producing motorcycles as a way to fill the post-war need for cheap, efficient transportation.

The company later specialised in civil and military pilot training aircraft. In July 2003, Aermacchi was integrated into the Finmeccanica Group (now Leonardo) as Alenia Aermacchi, which increased its shareholding to 99%.


World War I

         Macchi L.1 - reconnaissance flying boat (Lohner copy)
Macchi L.2 - flying boat biplane (Lohner copy)
Nieuport-Macchi N.VI - reconnaissance monoplane (license-built Nieuport monoplane with local modifications)
Nieuport-Macchi parasol monoplane - reconnaissance monoplane (developed from Nieuport VI)
Nieuport-Macchi N.10 - fighter/reconnaissance sesquiplane (license-built Nieuport 10 with local modifications)
Nieuport-Macchi N.11 - fighter sesquiplane (license-built Nieuport 11 with local modifications)
Nieuport-Macchi N.17 - fighter sesquiplane (license-built Nieuport 17 with local modifications)
Macchi M.3 - flying boat biplane (1916)
Macchi M.5 - flying boat fighter (1917)
Macchi M.6 - flying boat fighter prototype (1917)
Macchi M.7 - flying boat fighter (1918)
Macchi M.8 - reconnaissance, bomber flying boat (1917)
Macchi M.9 - flying boat bomber (1918)
Macchi M.12 - flying boat bomber (1918)
Macchi M.14 - sesquiplane fighter (1918) 


         Nieuport-Macchi N.29 - biplane fighter (license-built Nieuport-Delage NiD.29)
Macchi M.7bis - Schneider Trophy racing seaplane (1920)
Macchi M.15 - reconnaissance, bomber, and trainer aircraft (1922)
Macchi M.16 - sports aircraft (1919)
Macchi M.17bis - Schneider Trophy racing seaplane (1922)
Macchi M.18 - passenger, bombing, and reconnaissance flying boat
Macchi M.19 - Schneider Trophy racing seaplane (1920)
Macchi M7ter - flying boat fighter (1923), major redesign of M.7
Macchi M.24 - flying boat bomber (1924)
Macchi M.26 - flying boat fighter prototype (1924)
Macchi M.33 - Schneider Trophy racing seaplane (1925)
Macchi M.39 - Schneider Trophy racing seaplane (1926)
Macchi M.40 - reconnaissance seaplane (1928)
Macchi M.41 - flying boat fighter (1927)
Macchi M.52 - Schneider Trophy racing seaplane (1927)
Macchi M.52R - Schneider Trophy racing seaplane (1929)
Macchi M.53 - reconnaissance floatplane (1929)
Macchi M.67 - Schneider Trophy racing seaplane (1929)
Macchi M.70 - light biplane landplane/floatplane (ca. 1929)
Macchi M.71 - flying boat fighter (1930)
Macchi M.C.72 - Schneider Trophy racing seaplane (1931)
Macchi M.C.94 - flying boat airliner (1935)
Macchi M.C.100 - passenger flying boat (1939)
Macchi M.C.200 Saetta - fighter (1939)

 World War II

         Macchi M.C.202 Folgore - fighter (1941)
Macchi M.C.205 Veltro - fighter (1942) 

Post-World War II

         Macchi M.B.308 - utility aircraft (1948)
Macchi M.B.320 - light civil utility aircraft (1949)
Macchi M.B.323 - trainer (1952)
Aermacchi MB-326 - trainer and light attack aircraft (1957)
Aermacchi AL-60 - light civil utility aircraft (1959)
Aermacchi SF.260 - aerobatics aircraft and military trainer (1964)
Aermacchi MB-335 - initial designation of the AM.3
Aermacchi AM.3 - military utility aircraft (1967)
Aermacchi MB-338 - trainer (early 1970s)
Aermacchi MB-340 - light ground-attack aircraft (early 1970s)
Aermacchi MB-339 - trainer (1976)
Aermacchi S-211 - trainer (1981)
Aermacchi M-290 RediGO - trainer (1985)
Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master - trainer (2004)
Alenia Aermacchi M-311 - trainer (2005)

Source: Wikipedia