New Mexico State Capitol

Santa Fe
Completed: 1966
Architect: W. C. Kruger

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The new Capitol building was designed to resemble the Zia Sun Symbol when viewed from above, with four entrance wings that protrude from the main cylindrical volume. Architecturally, the Capitol is a blend of New Mexico Territorial Revival style and neoclassical influences. Above each entrance is a stone carving of the State Seal of New Mexico. The building has four levels, one of which is below ground.

Dedicated on December 8, 1966, the building was designed by W.C. Kruger and constructed by Robert E. McKee. The capitol contains 232,346 square feet (22,000 mē) and was built for the cost of $4,676,860, or $20 per square foot ($215/mē).

The capitol houses the New Mexico State Legislature. The first floor (below ground) contains the semicircular House and Senate chambers, which are not accessible to the public. The second story, which is the ground floor, includes galleries where visitors can view the House and Senate chambers. The House gallery seats 281 people and is located on the south side of the building. The Senate gallery, which seats 206 people, is on the north side of the building. The two upper floors are mainly offices, with legislative committee offices on the third floor and the offices of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Legislative Council Service on the fourth floor.

The Rotunda in the center of the building is 49 feet (15 m) in diameter and 60 feet (18 m) high, spanning the second, third, and fourth floors. The Rotunda is finished with Travertine marble native to New Mexico and inlaid with a turquoise and brass mosaic of the Great Seal of New Mexico. The ceiling skylight is designed to resemble an Indian basket weave, with blue and pale pink stained glass representing the sky and the earth, respectively. The flags of New Mexico’s 33 counties are on permanent display on the fourth floor balcony. 


ORIGIN OF STATE NAME: Named by the Spanish for lands north of the Rio Grande River


STATE MOTTO: Crescit eundo (It grows as it goes)

1911 PREAMBLE: We, the People of New Mexico, grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of liberty...

ADDRESS:  411 State Capitol, Santa Fe, NM 87501


Old Capitol Building

Santa Fe
Completed: 1900

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The 1900 State Capitol Building was originally a three story, silver domed structure, and served in that style for fifty years. Over the intervening years, various additions were built adjacent to the capitol building and, in 1950, a major renovation got underway to unify the architectural appearance of all the buildings in the complex to the territorial style. At that time, the dome was removed. The complex served as the state capitol until 1966 and the building is now known as the Bataan Memorial Building, which is a museum hosted byt the New Mexico National Guard that began as a tribute to the Veterans of the infamous Bataan Death March.

ADDRESS:  407 Galisteo St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Robert Deering
In Front of the Old New Mexico State Capitol

Photo: Ferdie Deering 1958
Robert & Cheryl Deering
At the New Mexico State Line

Photo: Ferdie Deering 1958
1900 State Capitol
Before Modifications