Medina County Courthouse
Hondo, Texas
 Completed - 1892
Architect - Martin, Byrne, & Johnston
Photos: Robert Deering 1/25/2004


COUNTY NAMED FOR: The Medina River that runs through the county.

COUNTY SEATS: Two - Castroville and Hondo


COURTHOUSES: Two - 1854 in Castroville and 1892 in Hondo.


  • 1854 courthouse in Castoville is now the City Hall.
  • 1892 courthouse was orginally an Italiante-style building. During the late 1930s and early 1940s two annexes were added to the courthouse, indoor plumbing was installed, and the distinctive tower was removed. Extensive interior remodeling was completed in 1988.
1854 Courthouse in Castroville
1892 Courthouse in Hondo
Before Modifications
Photo: Texas DoT 1939

1843 Medina County Jail
Architect - Martin, Byrne, & Johnston

The building exterior  was restored in 2009
Interior used for county offices


Medena County Courthouse
Castroville, Texas

 Completed - 1854
Photos: Robert Deering Date 1/25/2004