Loving County Courthouse
Mentone, Texas
 Completed - 1935
Architect - Evan J. Wood
Photos: Robert Deering 6/12/2004

COUNTY ORGANIZED: Loving County is the only Texas county to be organized twice. Original county elections were held in 1893. A second election of county officials was held in 1894. However there is evidence that neither of the elections were legitimate. By 1897 the county officials fled the area and the state legislature deorganized Loving County. The the second organization of Loving County occurred in 1931.

COUNTY NAMED FOR: Oliver Loving, an early Texas cattleman who was mortally wounded by Indians on the Pecos in the area of the county as he rode in advance of his herd in 1866.

COUNTY SEATS: Two - Mentone was established as the county seat in 1893. However, the town was abandonded in 1897. After county reorganization in 1931, Ramsey, 12 miles south of the first Mentone, was designated the county seat and renamed Mentone.

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: The first community was named Mentone by a French surveyor from Menton, France.

COURTHOUSES: Two - 1931 and 1935

STANDING: One - 1935 Modern courthouse built of brick.


1935 Courthouse
Photo: Texas DoT 1939