Frio County Courthouse
Pearsall, Texas
 Completed - 1904
Architect - Henry T. Phelps
Photos: Robert Deering 1/26/2004


COUNTY NAMED FOR:  The Frio River, which flows northwest to southeast through the county. Frio is a Spanish word that means cold.

COUNTY SEATS: Two - Frio City (Old Frio Town) and Pearsall.

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: Same as the county.

COURTHOUSES: Four - Frio City 1871, 1872, 1877; Pearsall 1904.


  • The abandoned 1877 courthouse in Old Frio Town is located on the Slaughter Ranch and barely visable from the nearby highway.
  • The 1904 courthouse in Pearsall is built of brick, and was remodeled in 1937 and 1950 altering it's original appearance.
1877 Courthouse in Frio City
1877 Courthouse in Frio City Town Site
Photo: Robert Deering 1/26/2004
1904 Courthouse in Pearsall
Before Modifictions