Calhoun County Courthouse
Port Lavaca, Texas
 Completed - 1959
Architect - Rustay & Martin
Photos: Robert Deering 1/26/2004


COUNTY NAMED FOR: John C. Calhoun of South Carolina, who had advocated Texas statehood.

COUNTY SEATS: Two - La Vaca (Port Lavaca), Indianola, and back to Port Lavaca.

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR:  The town was orignally named La Vaca ("the cow") in 1841 and was laid out by 1842. The name evolved to Port Lavaca around 1887.

COURTHOUSES: Five - Indianola in 1857; Port Lavaca in 1846, 1887, 1911, and 1959.

STANDING: One - 1959 Modern courthouse built of concrete, steel, and aluminum.

1887 Courthouse
1911 Courthouse
Photo: TxDoT
1959 Courthouse
Photo: Robert Deering 1974