Brazoria County Courthouse
Angleton, Texas
 Completed - 1976
Architect - Wyatt C. Hedrick
Photos: Robert Deering 1/26/2004



COUNTY SEATS: Two - Brazoria and Angelton.

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: A railroad town, Angelton got its name from Mrs. George Angelton, wife of the railroad's general manager.

COURTHOUSES: Five - 1839 and 1895 in Brazoria; 1897, 1940, and 1976 in Angelton.


  • The 1897 Italian Renaissance courthouse originally had a 90-foot tower. It is now a museum.
  • The 1940 building, of Indiana granite and limestone, was designed in Modern style and is still an active courthouse.
  • The 1976 building joins the back of the 1940 structure and is of contemporary style.

NOTE: The 1895 building in Brazoria was leveled in the 1930's and the stone was used for road paving material.

LOCATION:  1940 & 1976 Buildings - 111 East Locust Street Angleton, Texas 77515; 1897 Courthouse/Museum - 100 E. Cedar St., Angleton TX 77515.      
1839 Courthouse in Brazoria
1895 Courthouse in Brazoria
1897 Courthouse in Angleton
1940 Courthouse in Angleton



Brazoria County Courthouse
Angleton, Texas

 Completed - 1940
Architect - Lamar Q. Cato
Photos: Robert Deering 1/26/2004

1940 Courthouse in Angleton
Photo: Robert Deering 1974


Angleton, Texas
Photo: Robert Deering 1/26/2004

First Baptist Church of Angelton