Bosque County Courthouse
Meridian Texas
 Completed - 1886
Architect - J. J. Kane
Photos: Robert Deering 8/29/2008


COUNTY NAMED FOR: The Bosque River. The word bosque is Spanish for "woods" or "woody lands," and, according to some accounts, the name was applied to the stream by the Marqués de San Miguel de Aguayo in 1719. Other authorities say that the river was named for a French trader, Juan Bosquet, who was living with the Tawakoni Indians in the 1770s.

COUNTY SEATS: One - Meridian

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR:  The origin of the community's name is somewhat obscure. Commissioner Jasper N. Mabray proposed the name, which according to legend recognized both Meridian Creek and Meridian Knobs, previously named by Erath for their proximity to the ninety-eighth meridian. The ninety-eighth meridian, however, passes through only a tiny portion of the northwestern corner of Bosque County; nonetheless, the most likely explanation is that the commissioners believed their town lay near a meridian.

COURTHOUSES: Four -1854, 1869, 1875, and 1886.

STANDING: One - 1886 courthouse built of local limestone. A Romanesque Revival structure with a clock tower and peaked corner towers. WPA alterations in the mid-1930s removed the original clock tower and altered many of the decorative elements (see photos). However, the building has been restored to it's original configuration during a 2007 renovation project.

RENOVATION: Complete - Rededication September 22, 2007

LOCATION:  110 S Main, Meridian, TX 76665



1886 Courthouse
Photo: c1886

1886 Courthouse
Photo: Texas DoT 1939

1886 Courthouse Before Restoration
Photo: Robert Deering 6/29/2001