Washington County Courthouse
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
 Completed - 1913
Architect - P. H. Weathers
Photos: Robert Deering 4/22/2006
1913 Courthouse


President George Washington.

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: Jacob Bartles who established a trading post nearby.


 1913 Courthouse.  Also, a Former 1933 Federal Building in Bartlesville now serves as the Washington County Couthouse Judicial Center.  it was remodeled in 1972. 

ADDRESS:  420 S Johnston, Bartlesville, Oklahoma


Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Photos: Robert Deering 4/22/2006

Former U. S. Post Office & Courthouse in Bartlesville
Now Serves as the Washington County Couthouse Judicial Center

Price Tower in Bartlesville - 221 Feet Tall - 19 Floors
The only realized skyscraper designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. 
The Price Tower was commissioned by Harold C. Price, owner of a local oil pipeline
and chemical firm. It opened to the public in February 1956.  The building was sold to
Phillips Petroleum in 1981 who retained ownership until 2000 when the building was
donated to the Price Tower Arts Center.  

First Baptist Church of Bartlesville