Mayes County Courthouse
Pryor Creek, Oklahoma
 Completed - 2006
Architect - BKL, Inc.
Photos: Robert Deering 4/22/2006


Samuel H. Mayes, a Cherokee chief.

One - Originally named Pryor Creek for the nearby stream, the name was shorted to Pryor in 1909.


COURTHOUSES: 1899, 1922, and 2006.  The 1922 building was remodeled in 1959 altering its appearance. 

 One - 2006 modern courthouse.  At the time these pictures were taken, the 1922 building appeared to be vacant and was scheduled to be demolished. 

ADDRESS:  70 N Adair, Pryor Creek, Oklahoma
1899 Courthouse
1922 Courthouse
Before Modifications

1922 Courthouse
After 1959 Remodeling Project



Pryor Creek, Oklahoma
Photos: Robert Deering 4/22/2006

First Baptist Church of Pryor Creek