St. Louis County Courthouse
Clayton, Missouri
 Completed - 1864
Architect - Henry Singleton
Photos: Robert Deering 11/7/2002
1878 Courthouse in Clayton
1954 Courthouse in Clayton

1971 Courthouse in Clayton


French King Louis IX, known as Saint Louis.

COUNTY SEATS: The City of St. Louis was the original county seat.  However, the City seceded from St. Louis County in March 1877, allowing it to become an independent city and limiting its political boundaries.  Clayton is an inner-ring suburb of St. Louis.

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: Ralph Clayton, who donated the land for the courthouse.


  • 1864 Courthouse that is now part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial that includes the Gateway Arch.   The corner stone was laid in 1839 but redesign efforts in 1851 and 1861delayed completion until 1864.  In 1877 the city of St. Louis split from the county and the building became city property at that time.   
  • 1945 Courthouse in Clayton that now serves as the County Police headquarters.
  • 1971 County Government plaza and modern six-story courthouse in Clayton.


St. Louis, Missouri
Photos: Robert Deering 11/7/2002

St. Louis City Hall
Completed - 1891

St. Louis Union Station
Completed - 1893