Wasington County Courthouse
Fayetteville, Arkansas
 Completed - 1994
Architect -
Photo: Robert Deering 10/14/2015

1905 Courthouse

1896 County Jail


George Washington

 Known as 
Washington until 1829, the city was named after Fayetteville, Tennessee, from which many of the settlers had come.


 1905 and 1994.

   This building was purchased in 1989 and was formerly known as the First South Centre.  It was rennovated and opened as the county courthouse in 1994. 
Located at 280 North College Ave.


Old Washington County Courthouse
Fayetteville, Arkansas

 Completed - 1905
Architect - Charles L. Thompson
Photos: Robert Deering 10/14/2015

   Today, the old Washington County Courthouse holds only the county records and a few offices.
Located at 4 South College Ave.


Old Washington County Jail
Fayetteville, Arkansas

 Completed - 1896
Architect - W. B. Reese
Photo: Robert Deering 10/14/2015

  This building served as the county jail until 1973.  It is now privately owned.
Located at 90 South College Ave.