Sukhoi Company (JSC) is a major Russian aircraft manufacturer, headquartered in Begovoy District, Northern Administrative Okrug, Moscow, famous for its fighters. It was founded by Pavel Sukhoi in 1939 as the Sukhoi Design Bureau (OKB-51, design office prefix Su).

After the collapse of Soviet Union, each of the multitude of bureaus and factories producing Sukhoi components were privatized independently. In 1996, the government re-gathered the major part of them forming Sukhoi Aviation Military Industrial Combine (Sukhoi AIMC).  In parallel, other entities, including Ulan Ude factory, Tbilisi factory, Belarus and Ukraine factories, established alternate transnational Sukhoi Attack Aircraft (producing e.g. Su-25 TM).

The Sukhoi AIMC comprises the JSC Sukhoi Design Bureau located in Moscow, the Novosibirsk Aviation Production Association (NAPO), the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (KnAAPO) and Irkutsk Aviation. Sukhoi is headquartered in Moscow. Finmeccanica owns 25% + 1 share of Sukhoi's civil division.  The Russian government merged Sukhoi with Mikoyan, Ilyushin, Irkut, Tupolev, and Yakovlev as a new company named United Aircraft Corporation.  Mikoyan and Sukhoi were placed within the same operating unit.

Production Aircraft

  • Su-2: 1937, light bomber aircraft
  • Su-7 "Fitter" and "Moujik": ground-attack aircraft
  • Su-9 "Fishpot" and "Maiden": 1956, interceptor fighter aircraft
  • Su-11 "Fishpot-C": 1958, interceptor fighter aircraft
  • Su-15 "Flagon": 1962, interceptor fighter aircraft
  • Su-17/Su-20/Su-22 "Fitter": ground-attack aircraft
  • Su-24 "Fencer": 1970, jet bomber, attack aircraft
  • Su-25 "Frogfoot": 1975, ground attack aircraft
  • Su-26: 1984, single seat aerobatic aircraft (civil)
  • Su-27 "Flanker": 1977, air superiority fighter
  • Su-29: 1991, double seat aerobatic aircraft (civil)
  • Su-30 Flanker-C: 1993, multirole strike fighter aircraft
    • Su-30MK-2 "Flanker-G": multirole fighter aircraft
    • Su-30MKK "Flanker-G": strike-fighter aircraft
    • Su-30MKI "Flanker-H": air superiority fighter
  • Su-31: 1992, single seat aerobatic aircraft (civil)
  • Su-33 "Flanker-D": 1987, carrier-based multirole fighter aircraft
  • Su-34/Su-32 "Fullback": 2006, "Platypus", Strike-fighter aircraft
  • Su-27M/Su-35 "Flanker-E": 1995, air superiority fighter aircraft
    • Su-35BM: 4++ generation multirole fighter aircraft
  • Su-80: a twin-turboprop STOL transport aircraft
  • Superjet 100: 2008, regional jet
  • Irkut MS-21: narrow-body jet airliner

Source: Wikipedia