SO 1221

SNCASO (Société nationale des constructions aéronautiques du sud-ouest, or commonly, Sud-Ouest) was a French aircraft manufacturer, which originated on November 16, 1936, from the merger of the factories of Blériot of Suresnes, Bloch of Villacoublay and Courbevoie, SASO (Société Aéronautique du Sud-Ouest) of Bordeaux-Mérignac, UCA (Usine de Construction Aéronautique) of Bordeaux-Bègles, SAB (Société Aérienne Bordelaise) of Bordeaux-Bacalan and Lioré et Olivier of Rochefort. Additionally, SNCASO built a factory in Déols in 1936.

SNCASO took over SNCAO's assets in 1941.

On March 1, 1957, SNCASO merged with SNCASE (Société nationale de constructions aéronautiques du sud-est), to form Sud Aviation.

Aircraft products

  • SO.30 Bretagne
  • SO.90 Corse
  • SO.95 Corse II
  • SO.1100
  • SO.1120 Ariel
  • SO.1220 Djinn
  • SO.1310 Farfadet
  • SO.3050 1945 tourer
  • SO.4000
  • SO.M-1
  • SO.M-2
  • SO.4050 Vautour
  • SO.6000 Triton
  • SO.6020 Espadon
  • SO.7010 Pégase
  • SO.7060 Deauville
  • SO.8000 Narval
  • SO.9000 Trident I
  • SO.9050 Trident II

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