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The Nakajima Aircraft Company was a prominent Japanese aircraft manufacturer throughout World War II.

Japan's first aircraft manufacturer, it was founded in 1918 by a naval engineer, Chikuhei Nakajima, and a textile manufacturer, Kawanishi Seibi as Nihon Hikoki (Nippon Aircraft). In 1919 the two founders split and Nakajima bought out Nihon Aircraft's factory with tacit help from the Imperial Japanese Army. The company was renamed Nakajima Aircraft Company in 1919.

Nakajima Aircraft Company's manufacturing facilities consisted of the following:

- Tokyo plant

- Musashino plant

- Donryu plant

- Ota plant, near Ōta Station. Critically damaged by American bombardment on February 10, 1945. Currently a Fuji Heavy Industries plant.

- Koizumi plant, near Nishi-Koizumi station. Critically damaged by American bombardment on April 3, 1945. Currently a Sanyo plant.


After Japan's defeat in World War II the company had to close down since production and research of aircraft was prohibited by the Supreme Commander of Allied Powers. This had a severe impact on Nakajima because it was one of the two largest aircraft manufacturers, together with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI). Unlike MHI though, it was not diversified into shipbuilding and general machinery, and so, had to dissolve into a number of spin-off companies set up by former managers, engineers, and workers. As a result, leading aeronautical engineers from NAC, such as Nakagawa Ryoichi, helped transform Japan's automobile industry.


The company was reborn as Fuji Heavy Industries, maker of Fuji Rabbit scooters & Subaru automobiles.


Source: Wikipedia