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Automobil und Aviatik AG was a German aircraft manufacturer during World War I. The company was established at Mülhausen (today in France) in 1910 and soon became one of the country's leading producers of aircraft, relocating to Freiburg in 1914 and establishing a subsidiary in Vienna as Österreichisch-Ungarische Flugzeugfabrik Aviatik. During the war, the company became best known for its reconnaissance aircraft, the B.I and B.II, although the Austro-Hungarian subsidiary also produced a number of its own designs, including fighters such as the D.I.




    Aviatik B.I

    Aviatik B.II

    Aviatik B.III

    Aviatik C.I

    Aviatik (Ö) C.I

    Aviatik (Berg) D.I

    Aviatik (Berg) D.II

    Aviatik D.III


Source: Wikipedia