St. Clair County Courthouse
Bellville, Illinois
 Completed - 1975
Architects - Hellmuth, Obata, & Kassabaum, Inc. and Weisenstein, Hausmann, Ganschinietz, and Klinger, Inc.
Photo: Robert Deering 11/7/2002

1861 Courthouse
Architect - Robert Mitchell


In 1787 General Arthur St. Clair was appointed governor of the "territory of the United States northwest of the Ohio
River,” and, in 1790, organized by proclamation, the county of St. Clair, named in honor of himself. 

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: The city of Belleville was named by George Blair in 1814. It is said that Blair named the city Belleville (French for beautiful city) because he believed that a French name would attract new residents.

COURTHOUSES: 1794 in Cahokia; 1814, 1817, 1833, 1861, and 1975 in Bellville. 

 1794 log Courthouse in Cahokia, and the 1975 Modern Courthouse in Bellville.