Kern County Courthouse
Bakersfield, California
 Completed - 1959
Architect - Ernest L. McCoy
Photos: Robert Deering 12/27/2006


The county derives its name from the Kern River, which was named for Edward Kern, cartographer for General John C. Frémont's 1845 expedition, which crossed Walker Pass.

COUNTY SEAT NAMED FOR: Thomas Baker, a lawyer and former Colonel in the militia of Ohio, his home state.  Baker moved to the banks of the Kern River in 1863, at what become known as Baker’s Field, which became a stopover for travelers.  By 1870, with a population of 600, what was now known as Bakersfield was becoming the principal town in Kern County.

867 in Havilah;  1876, 1912, and 1959 in Bakersfield. 

DING:  1867 Courthouse in Havilah and 1959 Courthouse in Bakersfield. 
1867 Courthouse in Havilah
1876 Courthouse in Bakersfield
1912 Courthouse in Bakersfield


Bakersfield, California
Photos: Robert Deering 12/27/2006

Bakersfield City Hall