Digital Mavica MVC-FD95
Introduced 2000

Click on Picture to See Reverse Side

Mavica (Magnetic Video Camera) was a brand of Sony cameras which used removable disks as the main recording media.  The MVC-FD95 recorded onto 3.5" 1.4 MiB 2HD floppy disks in computer-readable DOS FAT12 format, a feature that made them very popular in the North American market. With the evolution of consumer digital camera resolution (megapixels), the advent of the USB interface and the rise of high-capacity storage media, Mavicas started to offer other alternatives for recording images: the floppy-disk (FD) Mavicas began to be Memory Stick compatible (initially through a Memory Stick Floppy Disk adapter, but ultimately through a dedicated Memory Stick slot).

This was my first digital camera.  In addition to the floppy disks, I had the adaptor to insert the Memory Stick, which could hold a lot more pictures than a single floppy disk.  The Memory Stick would insert into the adaptor and the adaptor would then go into the floppy drive slot on the camera.  Use of the disk adapter in the computer required additional software.    Pictures of courthouses on this web site taken before 2004 were made with this camera with a resolution of 2.1 megapixels.  Biggest limitation was trying to capture action shots as you had to hold the button down for a period of time before it would capture the image.  By that time, the action had moved on.  Worked well on buildings and other inannimate objects.  SN 30573.