Ektagraphic Model E-2 Slide Projector
Introduced 1971

Click on Picture to See Reverse Side

We bought this slide projector second-hand to go with the Carousel 750H we already had.  We also bought a projector stand to stack up to three projectors and a dissolver unit to fade slides out from one projector and in from the other for a smooth transition.  The objective was to build slide shows to go with songs that Brenda would sing at church's and other events.  Using a reel-to-reel tape recorder, we would record the music track on one channel and then record the dissolver signal on the other channel by manually running the unit during the recording session.  It would normally take several tries to get it right.  But once we did, we all we had to do was to play the tape for the music and to run the slide projectors automatically.  It worked well.  The problem was hauling all that equipment around from church to church and getting it lined up and ready to go.  Today's digital world is a lot easier and cheaper.  This projector was refurbished in 2012 and works today. 

(Sold December 2017)