Minature Speed Graphic
Introduced 1947

Click on Picture to See Reverse Side

The Miniature Speed Graphic is strictly speaking a pre-Anniversary model, manufactured from 1939-1946. It immediately preceeded the Anniversary Model Speed Graphic, and in fact overlapped with it for all but the first year of production. However, there was no 2x3 Anniversary model, so the Miniature Speed Graphic filled in that part of the Graflex product line.

The Miniature Speed Graphic is often confused with the 2x3 model of the Pacemaker Speed Graphic, which looks similar, but which often features the highly desirable Graflok back, which accepts modern style rollfilm holders. The Miniature Speed Graphic uses the Graphic (spring) back which does not Graflex roll film holders, so buyers should be sure to obtain a supply of 2x3 sheet film and holders. A 2x3 Grafmatic sheet film back was also made, and is quite handy.

(Sold December 2017)