Photura 135
Introduced 1992

Click on Picture to See Reverse Side

Sporting a 38-135mm f/3.2-8 lens, this is a high-end model in the Autoboy Jet series.  Uses 35mm film.

In the real-time mode, the shutter release time lag (the time it takes for the shutter to release after the shutter button is pressed) is only 0.018 sec. This fully automatic autofocus camera features high-performance specs with four picture-taking modes and the fixed-magnification mode which keeps the subject size constant in the viewfinder.

You can also imprint a caption in one of four languages, use the wireless remote controller(CAPTION model only) to trip the shutter from any direction, and use either the eye-level or low-angle viewfinder.

This camera belonged to my mother and she only used it a few times before going back to something more conventional.  A point and shoot camera is all she really needed.