Soko Mostar was an Yugoslavian aircraft manufacturer based in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company was responsible for the production of a number of military aircraft for the Yugoslavian Air Force.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Soko Mostar and Avioane Craiova of Romania, co-developed the Soko J-22 Orao and IAR-93, respectively. Soko also cooperated with Sikorsky, Westland and Aérospatiale in producing various helicopters under license.

Today Soko produces auto parts focusing mostly on transmissions, drive shafts and gears.

Aircraft Produced

  • Soko 522
  • Soko S-55
  • Soko J-20 Kraguj
  • Soko J-21 Jastreb
  • Soko J-22 Orao
  • Soko G-2 Galeb
  • Soko G-4 Super Galeb
  • Soko Gazelle

Source: Wikipedia