Photo: Robert Deering 9/3/2011
Museum of Flight
Seattle, Washington

The Ryan M-1, dubbed "the plane that pays a profit," was America's first production civil monoplane and, starting on September 15, 1926, was the first commercial plane to fly with Pacific Air Transport (PAT) along the West Coast. PAT's six M-1s linked Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The cost was high -- five of PAT's original M-1s crashed the first year.

Manufacturer: Ryan Aeronautical Company
Model: M-1
Span: 10.97m / 36ft
Year: 1926
Length: 7.32m / 24ft
Wing Area: 21.13m / 228ft
Short Title: Ryan M-1
Empty Weight: 703.08kg / 1,550lbs
Gross Weight: 1224.72kg / 2,700lbs
Maximum Speed: 201.12km/h
Cruise Speed: 176.99km/h / 110mph
Power Plant: One Hispano-Suiza 150 h.p. engine
Registration: N46853
Range: 643.6km / 400miles

Source: Seattle Museum of Flight