The XRG-65 Glaticopter, developed by Edward W. Glatifelter of Galaxie Engineering Company, Newton Square, PA is a one-man research helicopter intended to evaluate new ideas in rotor control and drive systems.  The main rotor is a two-bladed, teetering type using a large universal joint as center.  Cyclic pitch is effected indirectly by use of a servo-rotor consisting of two servo blades arranged at 90 degrees to the main blades.  Both main and tail rotors are driven by multiple V-belt drives.  The fuselage is of welded steel tube construction, and the main rotor blades are Fiberdyne tapered, non-linearly twisted featuring the fail-safe root end "wrap-around-a-fitting" principle.  Powered by a 65 HP Continental A-65 engine, the XRG-65 employs a number of specialized components from unique sources and was first flown in 1959.  Flight testing conrinued through 1963,  Only one aircraft was ever built and flown. 

Source: American Helicoper Museum